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SARS vs. COVID-19: What we didn't learn the last time

This week, as Ontario records its 1 millionth confirmed case of COVID-19, a senior researcher into the 2003 SARS outbreak says recommendations made to blunt the impact of a future pandemic were not followed.

Ontario's nursing shortage has been an issue for years. Why weren't we prepared?

Ontario has added new ICU beds, but nurses say that without proper staffing, those beds are as useful as “the beds we have at home.”

There's always been a hospital capacity problem in Brampton. COVID-19 made it worse

When Brampton Civic Hospital first opened in 2007, the facility was built to see 90,000 patients per year. Before COVID-19 even made its way to Ontario in 2020, the hospital saw more than 130,000 patients on an annual basis.

COVID-19 in Ontario

'I feel forgotten': Patients in Ontario wait for surgeries postponed due to COVID-19

Shelley Brownlee, who's been diagnosed with a form of abdomen cancer, has been waiting months to undergo surgery at a hospital in Toronto. Her doctor said he had hoped to proceed with it next month but the Ontario government's pause on all non-urgent surgeries and procedures amid soaring COVID-19 cases means she'll likely have to hang on a bit longer.

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TABLE TALK | Montreal's favourite salad sisters are coming to Toronto

Nearly two decades after customers started snaking outside of a women’s clothing store in Montreal – not to buy sweaters or jeans, but instead, seeking a tiny 200 square foot salad bar set in the back – Mandy’s Salads is coming to Toronto.

Mandy and Rebecca Wolfe stand outside of their first Mandy's Salads location in Toronto, located at 52 Ossington Avenue (Supplied).

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