The days of paying two TTC fares in order to run a simple errand are coming to an end.

The TTC’s new two-hour transfer policy will officially go into effect on Sunday, allowing Presto card holders unlimited use of the transit system for up to two hours after paying their fare.

Previously, the TTC’s transfer policy stated that riders could only use a transfer for a “one-way continuous trip,” so if they switched directions or made a quick stop somewhere they would be required to pay another fare.

“With this transfer customers can hop on and off the TTC, they can switch directions within a two-hour period and they won’t be charged another fare,” TTC spokesperson Heather Brown told CP24 on Friday morning. “The first time they tap into the system their fare will be deducted and the transfer will be applied to their card. Subsequent taps within the two-hour period will just validate that the transfer is on their card and they travel in whatever direction they wish.”

Brown said that one of the main reasons for introducing the two-hour transfer was to convince more people to start using Presto ahead of the elimination of tokens by the end of 2019.

She said that the two-hour period was settled on because those involved in the decision felt it provided a “reasonable amount of time” for riders to attend appointments and complete errands.

“It really is about helping to make transit more flexible and affordable for people,” she said.

According to a November staff report, the introduction of the two-hour transfer policy will cost the TTC $11.1 million in 2018 and $20.9 million by 2020.

The staff report says that the revenue loss is largely due to an expected 4 per cent drop in pad fares using Presto.

The report, however, said that the policy should not be viewed “simply as an additional expense” and should instead be looked at as part of a “wider ridership growth strategy,” as it will be responsible for an estimated 5 million additional trips per year.