The TTC is proposing an idea that could have a major impact on the way drivers commute in downtown Toronto.

TTC CEO Andy Byford wants the city to conduct a study on implementing a streetcar-only corridor on either King Street or Queen Street – two major arteries in Toronto’s downtown core.

“I think no one is happy with the existing situation,” Byford said Thursday, speaking to CTV Toronto.

With more than 56,000 people a day riding the King streetcar, Byford says it’s the TTC’s busiest route, and bunching and short-turns often plague the streetcars.

In floating the idea of a traffic ban, Byford did suggest streetcars should share the road with cabs, bikes and possibly delivery trucks.

“Let’s look at the impact it would have on cars and businesses,” he said.

The study would look at where traffic would go and the impact on companies in the areas.

Byford’s bold solution has a lot of residents talking. Here is what some Torontonians had to say about it on Twitter:

With a report from CTV’s John Musselman