Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti is calling out a staff member at a community centre in his ward, releasing a photo of what appears to be a person sleeping at their desk.

According to Mammoliti’s office, the photo was taken by his assistant Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. inside a first-floor office at the Carmine Stefano Community Centre fitness room.

It shows a person wearing a sweatshirt hood over their head with their head down on their desk, leaning on their arm. The person’s face is not visible.

"Wake up and provide the service you were hired for or the next staff to be laid off will be from Parks and Recreation" Mammoliti says in the press release.

The president of CUPE Local 79, the union representing the staffer in the photograph told reporters that the man was likely on a scheduled break.

"We're waiting for more information and we took action right away. The city is investigating," said Tim Maguire. "Our assumption until further information is that this employee was on a mid-morning break."

Mammoliti used the opportunity to caution city departments about being mindful of the city’s budget constraints.

"(The) 2014 Budget debates will be the next major discussion we have on the council floor. We have asked staff to look for efficiencies to help reduce our budget. I found one.”

Maguire said Mammoliti should focus on investigating what happened instead of engaging in a publicity stunt.

"This is a distraction from the real issue of city services, a media stunt to distract from this administration's attempt to cut city services in this city," Maguire said.

Earlier today, when asked about the photo, Mayor Rob Ford said he has been looking into contracting out services at the Parks and Rec department.

“I want people to show up to work and do their job,” he said.

Ford said if the employee was sleeping on the job, he would want the worker and his manager dismissed.

Wynna Brown, a media relations manager for Toronto’s Park, Forestry and Recreation department, told that the city can’t discuss personnel issues.

“I can advise that we will be reviewing this situation carefully and will follow up with the appropriate action -- which could include a range of disciplinary measures depending on the specific findings,” Brown said. “In general, I can advise that city staff are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to carry out their duties diligently at all times.”

The news release says that supervision at the community centre has been an ongoing issue. Mammoliti also pointed to the safety risk to users of the community centre when they are using fitness equipment without adequate supervision.

Brown wouldn’t say if there had been complaints about supervision at Carmine Stefano in the past or how many staff members were on duty at the time the photo was taken.

“We are reviewing this matter and will follow up appropriately depending on the findings,” she said.