Did you lose a lobster recently?

A southwestern Ontario humane society is investigating after it rescued an abandoned lobster Wednesday. The saltwater crustacean was found in a box in a business parking lot in St. Catharines, Ont.

Representatives for the Lincoln County Humane Society (LCHS) said they are unsure where the lobster came from but officials believe it was likely part of an April Fools' Day gag.

"We suspect the lobster may have been used for an April Fools' Day prank and we are looking into that possibility," LCHS executive director Kevin Strooband said in a statement.

He added that "it is inappropriate to abandon any animals in the manner this one was."

Since the lobster's rescue, the humane society has provided it with a temporary home: a saltwater aquarium. Officials with the LCHS said the lobster will remain there until they decide what to do with it.