Police are hoping to interview the victim of an early Sunday shooting outside an east end bar.

But CTV Toronto's Jim Junkin reports that police suspect the 20-year-old woman was somehow involved in the scrap inside Gabby's Kingston Road before the shooting broke out.

The people involved had been watching an Ultimate Fighting Championship match on TV when a scrap developed, causing management to kick them out.

Someone shot the woman in the upper abdomen. Rather than waiting for an ambulance, she jumped in a cab that took her to Toronto East General Hospital. Doctors there had her transferred to Sunnybrook Hospital where she underwent surgery.

She is reportedly in stable condition, but officers say she has been unco-operative to date.

People in the Kingston Road and Victoria Park Avenue say their neighbourhood is normally a quiet place, and they are surprised a shooting would take place at a neighourhood place such as Gabby's.

Police are seeking two men in connection with the shooting.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Jim Junkin