In typical Canadian fashion, Raptors fans are saying they are sorry.

A bouquet of flowers, along with a hand-written note, was sent to the Warriors as an apology after fans at Scotiabank Arena appeared to cheer as Golden State’s Kevin Durant left the court with an injury during Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

According to a photograph posted to social media, the anonymously-sent bouquet came with a “Canada is so sorry KD” banner and a hand-written note of apology.

A number of people responded on Twitter, saying the act was “kind and sweet.”

"To apologize on behalf of an entire country. Salote," one user said.

"As a compassionate Canadian Raptors fan, I am so glad that this person did this. Thank you," another person posted.

Arguably, the behaviour of Raptors fans in the stadium has overshadowed the one-point Game 5 win by the Golden State Warriors.

The moment has been replayed multiple times on television and on social media. As Durant clutched his Achilles tendon and hobbled off the court, many in the stands appeared to cheer. Raptors players waved their hands to get the crowd to stop—prompting most fans to start to clap and slowly chant “K-D”.

But the reaction wasn’t fast enough for Golden State players, who called the reaction “classless.”

One Toronto fan set out to make up for the behaviour of his comrades by launching a website called “SorryKD.”

The website encourages fans to donate to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, which helps raise funds for educational, athletic and social programs for at-risk youth.

“We got really excited about winning our first championship, ever,” the website says. “When we saw one of the best players on earth leave the game with injury, it made that championship feel so much closer.”

“We got too excited and we screwed up. We are Canadian, so naturally, we are sorry.”

In big letters, the website goes on to say “we want to make it up to you!”

Jason Reiniger, the founder of, said that he created the fundraising site to let Durant know what fans are really like.

“The purpose and the idea is to show him that this is not what Canada and Raptors nations are about. We are bigger than that,” Reiniger said.

Reiniger also stressed that the cheering was not meant to be malicious.

“We were just more excited that one of the best players in the world wasn’t going to be an obstacle for us anymore. It was inappropriate either way,” he said.

“As good Canadians, the right thing to do is say that we are sorry.”

Fans in Oakland jeer at Steph Curry’s mom

But there may be more that Raptors fans have to apologize for.

Video has surfaced showing the mother and father of Warriors’ star Steph Curry getting heckled as they arrive at a hotel.

In the video, which was posted to Twitter on June 11, viewers can hear taunts and profanity being yelled from the crowd as the pair walk towards the door.

Sonya Curry, Steph Curry’s mother, appears in the video to respond to the crowd, but it is not clear what she says.

It is also not clear from the video who was yelling at the Curry family.