York Regional Police have launched a program asking homeowners to register their home security cameras to help solve crimes in their neighbourhoods.

More often than not police are quick to go door to door after a crime is committed searching for any home security video that might show suspects or possibly suspect vehicles.

"Again and again we find that investigations rely so heavily on the use of video." said Const. Laura Nicole.

Over the last decade, the quality of home security video has improved now that high definition cameras are readily available and the systems have become very affordable.

"More and more people have very, very good quality video surveillance and again that helps immensely in terms of identifying suspects, suspect vehicles, potential witnesses, people of interest in the area. It has been a huge asset to getting investigations resolved." said Nicole.

York Police are asking asking home owners to register their security cameras so that when a crime hits a neighbourhood, investigators already have a list of homes with cameras.

This would give police quick access to the images, when minutes count. "For example you have a missing child in a neighbourhood, we’re going to want that video very quickly so we can try to determine where that child might have gone, what direction, what they were wearing at the time, those pieces of information, the quicker we can get that stuff, get a hold of video, the faster we can make some progress."

The security camera registry is open to both citizens and business owners. York Police say "in an investigation, where every second counts, this proactive step could be crucial in helping solve a case, make an arrest, recover property, or even save a life."

Participants can register on line at yrp.ca/RegisterMyCam