Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will get a driver, his brother Doug Ford told CP24 Thursday.

Coun. Doug Ford’s comments come after a picture of the Toronto mayor reading papers while driving his Cadillac Escalade emerged on Twitter Tuesday.

Rob Ford admitted that he was “probably” reading while driving on the Gardiner Expressway, telling reporters that he was a busy man.

The picture drew ire from the public, other councillors and public health officials, who accused the mayor of endangering himself and others.

Toronto police also weighed in on the image, with Chief Bill Blair saying Wednesday that Ford would probably benefit from some kind of support as he moved around the city, but that the decision was up to him.

“I think there is a value in having someone moving the mayor around. He has a fairly busy agenda and I think that it would enable him to, perhaps, get more work done. But, that’s a decision he’ll make,” Blair said Wednesday.

Doug Ford said the mayor’s office would use an existing staff member to act as a dedicated driver for the mayor.