An environmental group gave Joe Pantalone top marks among mayoral candidates on Wednesday, claiming the deputy mayor is the most dedicated of the four frontrunners to building a green city.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance gave Pantalone a perfect grade on a 20-question survey on six top environmental issues.

George Smitherman received a score of 90 per cent, while Rob Ford and Rocco Rossi did not participate in the questionnaire.

"The report card makes it clear which top mayoral candidates are committed to the environment and which ones aren't," executive director Franz Hartmann said in a statement.

The questions touched on public transit, waste diversion, green energy, toxic reduction, buying local green products and building transportation infrastructure.

The TEA said Pantalone scored highest because of his commitment to all six environmental priorities.

They said Smitherman lost points for not supporting the full implementation of the City's bike plan and not supporting a ban on garbage incineration.

After not receiving answers from Ford, the group said he showed "no interest in the environment."

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