With its flat black paint, suicide doors, and Batman logos on the front bumper and steering wheel, Justin Bieber's custom Batmobile is making a splash in Burlington.

The pop star's customized ride was dropped off for display at a Burlington GM dealership Thursday morning.

Bieber's father, Jeremy Jack Bieber, contacted the dealership more than a month ago to see if they wanted an opportunity to show off the car.

The 2012 Cadillac CTS-V was originally purchased for $100,000.

It's had some work done since then, including the doors, batman logos and some big, fat tires.

Most importantly, the car needed a sound system worthy of a platinum-selling teen pop sensation. The sound system is worth $60,000.

The entire car is now valued at approximately $250,000.

The Bieber Batmobile is on display at Leggat GM at 2207 Fairview Street in Burlington over the weekend.