The Ontario Cricket Association is concerned its connection to the provincial slush-fund scandal will cause a black mark on the sport and hinder future funding for the organization.

The OCA received $1 million in grant money from the provincial government when it requested only $150,000 for facilities upgrades.

The association still has $500,000 of the grant money in a GIC, which continues to earn interest.

The new executive of the OCA has instituted guidelines as to how that money will be spent and has vowed the funds will not be handled in the same manner as the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

Ontario's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Mike Colle tendered his resignation Thursday after Auditor-General Jim McCarter revealed in his report that Colle's office awarded grants to multicultural groups without an accountable application process.

"The decision behind who got what were often based on conversations and not applications," McCarter said during a press conference on Thursday.

McCarter's report investigated nearly $32 million in year-end grants that were hastily handed out to 110 community groups as the past two fiscal years came to and end.

The Maple Leaf Cricket Club at Dufferin Street and Bloomington Road is the main facility for cricket training and playing in Canada.

Despite the increase in grant money received, the president and treasurer of the club says the facility is still heavily under funded and in desperate need of repair.

"I need $2 million minimum," Ranjit Saini told CTV News on Friday.

"Money is needed to house athletes, to create better facilities and washrooms for international players. Even with $250,000 only makeshift type of work has been done in certain areas."

Saini said his main concern is that the club's connection to the grant scandal will limit the amount of funding the OCA receives in the future.

Premier Dalton McGuinty apologized to Ontarians on Thursday for not respecting their tax dollars and vowed the province would do a better job.

With a report from CTV's MairiAnna Bachynsky