TORONTO - A much anticipated auditor general's report into a series of year-end government grants to multicultural organizations with alleged ties to the Liberal party is expected to land on the premier's desk Thursday.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has promised to make the report public immediately and opposition critics suggest it's not going to be pretty.

New Democrat Michael Prue expects the report will show Liberals "transgressed many of the rules and procedures'' of government by giving away money to party supporters without any safeguards or formal application processes.

He's hopeful that any money deemed to have been unfairly distributed be paid back to Ontario taxpayers out of Liberal coffers.

Conservative John Yakabuski says he's hoping the report is critical of the Liberal party because he believes there were some "serious breaches of the public trust.''

The so-called Liberal "slush-fund'' issue brought legislative business to a halt for about two weeks last spring when it came to light that some $32 million in grants were doled out to ethnic groups, some with Liberal ties.