A Burlington, Ont., girl celebrated a happy reunion with her Shih Tzu poodle on Wednesday after the dog was stolen while they were out for a walk earlier this week.

Idah Clementino, 14, was walking her four-year-old Shih Tzu poodle named Jackson when he was taken, Monday night.

"I feel really happy. I am sure he is happy, too," Idah told CTV Toronto on Wednesday. "Everybody is happy that is he back so we can take him for walks again."

Clementino said she was walking through a gas station parking lot when a man got out of his car and approached her.

Clementino recalled the man telling her the dog was cute before removing him from the leash, getting back into his car and driving away.

Jackson was recovered and a Burlington man was arrested on Tuesday after police received a tip from the staff at the Burlington Animal Shelter.

Halton police credit media coverage of the event for the quick and happy conclusion.

Luc Bernard, 32, has been charged with theft under $5,000 and is scheduled to appear in Milton Provincial Court on Wednesday.

Pet owners are encouraged to have their animals implanted with an identification micro-chip – a device that helped police return Jackson to his rightful home.

With files from CTV Toronto's John Musselman