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Windshield washer dispensers popping up at GTA gas stations


A new dispenser is popping up at gas stations across the Greater Toronto Area, allowing drivers to top up their windshield washer fluid while filling the tank with gas.

"It's true some people are looking at them, and they're not sure exactly sure what they are for," said Sean Elliott with EcoTank Canada.

EcoTank said it is now operating 288 windshield washer dispensers in four provinces.

"We manufacture these dispensers and install them at gas stations, EV chargers and condos, and now Canadians can refill their windshield washer fluid without using a plastic jug," said Elliott.

The dispenser is similar to a regular gas pump. Drivers prepay at the pump and can then use a hose that will fill directly into the car's windshield washer reservoir. The dispenser can also be used to refill washer fluid plastic jugs.

The washer fluid costs about the same as the containers of fluid drivers can purchase inside gas stations. CTV News Toronto went to a Canadian Tire gas bar where washer fluid cost $1.80 per litre.

You prepay but are charged only for the amount you use.

"You only pay for what you need. If you need three litres, you get three litres instead of buying a whole jug," said Elliott.

The company is hoping the environmentally friendly idea catches on with consumers.

"The more people that try it and see how it works, the more people will use it over time," said Elliott.

EcoTank is based in Orangeville and launched its first dispenser about two years ago. The technology was first used in Europe. It's estimated more than 70 million jugs are purchased in Canada annually. Top Stories

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