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Westjet passengers surprised by 'impromptu' speech by CEO on flight


Westjet passengers on a flight from Toronto were surprised when the airline's CEO stood up to give an impromptu speech before takeoff.

Darren Dreger, a sportscaster for TSN, told CTV News Toronto he was on a flight from Toronto to Calgary on Wednesday when Alexis von Hoensbroech got up and spoke to passengers.

"He gave an impromptu speech prior to take off on a flight from Toronto to Calgary," Dreger said. "He's a very pleasant man."

Dreger said von Hoensbroech thanked passengers for their business, and encouraged anyone who was interested in speaking with him to come visit him in Row 7, which was an economy seat.

In a statement to CTV News Toronto, Westjet said von Hoensbroech has made it "standard practice" for him, or any other member of the executive leadership team, to greet and welcome guests anytime they are onboard a Westjet flight.

Dreger’s tweet about the incident – in which he asked followers if they could confirm if the man speaking was in fact von Hoensbroech – has been viewed more than 650,000 times.

von Hoensbroech, who has been the WestJet CEO since February 2022, responded to Dreger on Twitter saying "Confirmed. It's me." Top Stories

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