Rob Ford's lawyer has confirmed the Toronto mayor has checked in at a rehabilitation facility, two days after Rob Ford announced he was taking a leave of absence to get help for a substance abuse problem.

Ford's lawyer Dennis Morris confirmed to CTV Toronto that the mayor has checked in, but won't confirm the location of the facility.

There are few clues that suggest where he is. Ford was seen leaving his west-end Toronto home on Thursday morning. CTV Toronto has confirmed that he drove to Buttonville Airport, just north of the city, where he boarded a private plane and flew to Chicago.

It is unclear where Ford went from there, but his ties to the "Windy City" – where the Ford family business DECO Labels and Tags has its U.S. headquarters -- have fueled speculation he flew there to check into a local rehab facility.

Because the family is in and out of Chicago so often, they maintain a residence in the city, CTV News reporter Katie Simpson told CTV's Canada AM on Friday morning.

"There are a number of high-profile rehab facilities that Mayor Ford may have possibly checked in to," Simpson said.

But there has been no confirmation that Chicago was the mayor's final destination.

"We know that the mayor is going to rehab somewhere, we just don't know if it's Chicago, if he's going somewhere else from there, or what his next moves are."

It is also unclear how long Ford will be absent from City Hall.

In a news conference Thursday, the mayor's brother Coun. Doug Ford said Rob will be attending a 30-day program, but his lawyer said there is no time limit on how long he'll be gone.

City laws dictate that council members, including the mayor, could lose their jobs if “absent from the meetings of council for three successive months without being authorized to do so by a resolution of council."

That means, if Ford is absent from the once-a-month council meetings in May, June and July, his position could be considered vacant.

Council has the option to grant Ford an extension, as they've done for others in the past.

The mayor will continue to receive his pay while on leave, but has the option to pay the money back or reimburse taxpayers.