The province should pony up more cash to avoid another TTC fare hike, the commission's chairman said on Wednesday.

Adam Giambrone says the TTC is facing a $14-million shortfall in its operating budget next year.

"It's not sustainable, what we have right now, and if the province doesn't come to the table, there's just going to be no way to match people's expectations for transit," Giambrone told CTV News.

While the Ontario government has given millions in capital dollars to launch Transit City -- a plan to build a network of light rail tracks across Toronto -- no new funding for operating the project has been offered, CTV's Naomi Parness reports.

TTC officials say the recent 15-cent fare hike will generate about $34 million a year. Giambrone said that money will be used to improve service next year.

"We're adding service to 77 routes. Now that's cost us money and it's part of the reason why we have a deficit, but we're not going to cut service," he said.

Giambrone also called on Toronto to offer more cash to the TTC, which has a $1.2-billion operating budget.

Next year's deficit, however, could also grow to $32 million because the TTC's contract with its unionized workers expires in the spring and a new agreement is expected to cost $18 million a year.

Cellphone service in the subway

The TTC, meanwhile, is looking at enabling cellphone and wireless transmission throughout its underground subway system.

A report to TTC officials on Wednesday will detail the pros and cons of implementing such a plan.

One option discussed would be to allow cellphone transmission on subway platforms only, not in the subway trains.

Passenger Inder Sami hopes the transmission initiative goes ahead.

"I do feel cut off, especially when I get out of the subway and my cellphone seems to be vibrating off the hook with messages that I received while I was travelling," Sami told CTV News.

With a report from CTV's Naomi Parness