Regular transit riders will have to bring a little more change with them when they board the TTC from now on as a fare hike came into effect Sunday.

A regular fare for the occasional user remains the same at $2.75 for a one-way ticket. Regular transit users will have to dish out a little bit more.

These are the new prices:


  • Monthly metropass: $109
  • Weekly pass: $32.25
  • Tokens/Tickets: five for $11.25, ten for $22.50


  • Single fare: $1.85
  • Tickets: five for $7.50, ten for $15
  • Metropass: $91.25
  • Weekly pass: $25.50

A child pays $0.70 for a single fare or $5 for ten tickets.

People who still have tickets that were bought before the fare increase can use them until December 2 but they will have to add $0.15 in cash to board.

They can also be exchanged for cash at the TTC Metropass Discount Plan office at 1900 Yonge Street.

Nonetheless, some riders said they are less than pleased with the new fares.

"I think public transportation fees are getting a little too steep for most riders and it probably inspires people to drive their cars more," said one disgruntled commuter.