While the majority of parents in Ontario are sticking to tradition when it comes to naming their bundle of joy, an increasing number seem to be taking inspiration from hit television shows.

For the third year in a row, Olivia and Liam topped the list of most popular baby names for girls and boys, Service Ontario said Friday.

Rounding out the top five names for girls was Emma, Sophia, Ava and Charlotte.

For boy, Ethan, Lucas, Noah and Benjamin took the second to fifth spots.

Further down the list, however, it seems many parents are eschewing tradition and are instead being inspired by the shows they watch, including "Sons of Anarchy" and "Breaking Bad."

The emerging trend is similar to a national one, where parents are choosing Netflix-inspired names including Piper from the hit show "Orange is the New Black."

According to Service Ontario, "many names not in the top five seem to have been inspired by popular TV shows."

Sons of Anarchy

  • Jax: 70 babies were named after the character
  • Gemma: 58
  • Abel: 48

Breaking Bad:

  • Skylar: 104 babies
  • Jesse: 87
  • Walter: 18