An off-duty doctor who frantically worked to try and save Jane Creba's life minutes after she was shot took the stand at her murder trial Monday.

Dr. Ajay Sahajpal told the jury he was getting a slice of pizza in downtown Toronto with a girlfriend when a gunfight broke out on Yonge Street. The street was crowded with Boxing Day shoppers at the time and when the shooting stopped, Sahajpal said he ran outside to tend to the victims.

He noticed Creba, a 15-year-old innocent bystander out shopping with her sister, lying on the ground with one foot on the sidewalk and her arm outstretched.

He testified Creba had a faint heartbeat and a weak pulse but that he began to treat her right away.

He said that the other shooting victims, six in total, did not have life-threatening injuries which is why he instructed paramedics to take the others to the trauma unit at Sunnybrook Hospital in order to leave room for Creba at St. Michael's Hospital downtown.

Sahajpal followed Creba to the emergency room to help in the operation room, but Creba didn't survive her injuries.

The other victims of the 2005 Boxing Day shooting survived their injuries.

A 20-year-old man, identified only as J.S.R. because he was a youth at the time of the shooting, is on trial for second degree murder. He is also facing six counts of attempted murder.

On Monday, the jury heard from a man who has also been charged in connection with the case. Because he was also a minor at the time of the shooting, the witness can only be identified as G.C.

G.C. gave little insight about what happened that evening, saying repeatedly he couldn't remember any details.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Chris Eby