Hazel McCallion is celebrating her final birthday as mayor of Mississauga but the party will have to wait.

Friday will be mostly business as usual for the 93-year-old politician, who is retiring in December after the city elects a new mayor in October's municipal election.

McCallion, who said she feels like she is 39, is holding meetings in the morning before attending the opening of the Spring Fishing & Boat Show at the International Centre and a luncheon.

She'll begin to kick back in the afternoon, when a retirement home throws a celebration for her.

McCallion was first elected in 1978 and she is the longest serving mayor in Canadian history.

At 93, she is spry and feisty, and she is not overlooking the work ahead of her in her final 10 months in office.

"I'm just carrying on just as if I wasn't retiring in December. We've got a lot of challenges," McCallion said. "There's never a dull moment, always challenges."