TORONTO -- As Troy Campbell passed Brock Rd. on Highway 407 in Pickering, Ontario, his vlog took an unexpected turn.

What was supposed to be a car ride to the hospital, recorded on video, turned into a highway delivery.

Troy’s wife, Erika Campbell, went into labour on May 10 and the two set out for the hospital, just ten minutes away, but it quickly became evident that their baby was ready to enter the world much sooner.

In Troy’s vlog, Erika can be heard saying she is ready to push while still in the car.

"You gotta push? What do you mean you gotta push?" Troy said to his wife.

Through contractions, the couple managed to get their midwife on the phone, who was able to direct Troy to pull the car over and call 9-1-1. The dispatcher then aided him in assisting Erika through the labour.

"I'm having a baby on the 407," Erika can be heard saying to the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

"I can see the baby's head. The baby's head is out," Troy told the dispatcher. "It's almost out. Tell me what to do, please."

Within minutes, the baby was born, but for approximately 20 seconds, the couple waited anxiously for the baby to begin to cry.

Erika says those 20 seconds were the scariest part of the entire incident. 

The ambulance arrived shortly after, the couple says, and the group was transported to hospital, where they were deemed in good health.

"I did what I had to do," Erika told CTV News Toronto on Thursday.