A derailed streetcar is now back on track after blocking traffic for hours on Tuesday, the TTC confirmed.

A new streetcar going east on King Street was attempting to push a disabled older streetcar northbound, toward Bathurst Street at 10 a.m., TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told CTV Toronto.

The new streetcar was supposed to be taking the older one to the Wolseley Loop. Green said he believed some debris on the tracks -- possibly left by the heavy rain this morning -- caused the push car to derail.

“It's much more difficult with new streetcars to re-rail them,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told CTV Toronto on Tuesday afternoon. “We do practice that. The location of this particular incident is proving a real challenge. We're working on that to get things moving again.”

No traffic was allowed through on King Street and Bathurst Street was closed west of King.

Several streetcar routes were diverted to avoid the intersection.

The streetcars were not in service at the time, Green said, and no passengers were on board.

Crews were able to finally move the derailed car just after 6 p.m.

With files from Scott Lightfoot