Some local gun clubs are now out of business after Toronto city council voted to ban them from operating on city property as part of a measure to keep streets safe from weapons.

A rifle club located inside a Scarborough community centre and a gun club at Union Station will now have to find a space to lease on private property in order to operate. Toronto Mayor David Miller said he supports the plan because of recent crimes that were committed using stolen legal guns.

"In a day when you can't bring a large tube of toothpaste on a plane how can you allow guns to wander through Union Station, the biggest transit hub in Canada?" he asked his colleagues on city council.

Critics of the plan say there is no use of taking away the rights of law-abiding gun owners because they are not the criminals behind the city's gun violence.

Coun. Doug Holyday said he doesn't agree with the Mayor's plan.

"If this was going to help I would be more supportive but it's just the mayor getting up and saying 'look what I am doing'," he said.

Council also debated evicting residents living in public housing who have been convicted of gun-related crimes. That plan includes social programs and a system to track handgun use in the city.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Naomi Parness