The city has announced the closure of three temporary dumps and the opening of three new ones, some that may be a matter of metres from some residential properties.

The strike, which began June 22, is now into its 24th day. As of 7 p.m. Wednesday, the following dumps will no longer accept new waste:

  • Earlscourt park
  • Ted Reeve arena
  • Wishing Well park

A scuffle developed at Ted Reeve arena on Friday when one citizen attempted to jump the queue, leading to a confrontation with picketing strikers.

As of 7 a.m. Thursday, the following new temporary dumps will open:

  • Campbell park outdoor rink
  • Clairlea park arena
  • L'Amoreux park parking lot

Some residents near Clairlea are complaining the dump site will be very close to some local homes.

City official Geoff Rathbone, the general manager of solid waste, told a Wednesday news conference that the fence is being moved. Garbage will start to be stacked as far away from homes as possible at the start.

However, he said there is no specific minimum distance for a distance from a temporary dump to residential homes.

The city lists the following criteria for locating a temporary dump site:

  • the site is a city-owned property
  • preference is given to existing paved areas to minimize environmental impacts
  • is close to and reasonably accessible by the community
  • has vehicular access
  • there is reasonable distance away from residential buildings
  • has the capacity to hold a large volume of waste if necessary

Toronto continues to operate its seven permanent waste transfer stations, two of which are available 24 hours per day.


City manager Joe Pennachetti said Caribana, one of the city's great festivals, will be able use the following city facilities despite the strike:

  • Lamport stadium, site of the king and queen event
  • Lakeshore Blvd., Marilyn Park and Budapest Park will be used for the parade
  • the post-parade party on Olympic Island, located on the Toronto islands, will be moved only if necessary

"Caribana is more than a celebration, it's worth $200 million to the city's economy," he said.