Billy Bishop airport wants Toronto residents to know about an upcoming emergency response training exercise taking place this Saturday.

According to a news release issued Friday, the “simulation” will involve sirens and emergency personnel that may be visible to the public.

“This routine full-scale training exercise is mandated by Transport Canada to test airport protocols, procedures, communications and planning for emergency and/or security related incidents,” the news release reads.

Running from 9 p.m. Saturday to midnight on Oct. 19, those visiting the airport or passing by the area may see emergency vehicles, the Hazardous Material Response Team, Toronto Police Marine Unit and Toronto Fire Boats.

Billy Bishop says people in the area may also hear emergency sirens and simulated gunfire.

The news release also noted that volunteer actors from the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute will be involved in various roles including passengers or employees who appear to be in distress.

Flights will not be impacted by the exercise.