LONDON, Ont. - A police informant who prosecutors say was at a southwestern Ontario farm when eight men with biker ties were shot dead is expected to testify today.

The informant, known only as M.H., is among the most anticipated witnesses in the trial of six men charged with first-degree murder.

The Crown alleges the eight victims, who had ties to the Bandidos, were lured to the farm of Wayne Kellestine in April 2006 and shot to death as part of an internal cleansing of the biker club.

The London, Ont., trial has heard wiretap evidence suggesting some of the victims were extremely reluctant to attend and were seemingly aware that trouble was coming.

M.H. will likely take the stand for several days as the Crown introduces its key evidence and defence lawyers challenge his credibility.

The eight bodies were found on April 8, 2006 stuffed in several cars that had been abandoned not far from the southwestern Ontario community of Shedden.

Kellestine, 60, and Frank Mather, 35, of Dutton-Dunwich, Ont.; Brett Gardiner, of no fixed address; Michael Sandham, 39, Marcelo Aravena, 33, and Dwight Mushey, 41, of Winnipeg have all pleaded not guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder.