Two armoured truck guards say they have been dismissed after robbers disarmed them and took one of their guns during a nighttime heist last month.

At about 9:20 p.m. on Feb. 19 two armed robbers approached Kirk Goegan and Tammy Courvoisier as they were making a cash drop at a convenience store's automatic teller machine near Queen Street and Roncesvalles.

The robbers disarmed the Group 4 Securicor guards and disappeared with about $90,000.

Citing their failure to follow "proper security procedures," the company let the pair go.

The former guards told the Toronto Star that they were only told of the procedures they violated after the robbery. Both said they had never seen a company policy and procedures booklet.

The guards were reportedly supposed to conceal the money bag and not leave the truck at the same time.

Securicor officials have not commented on the dismissals. Goegan and Courvoisier expect to meet with company and union officials sometime this week in an effort to return to work.

With files from The Canadian Press