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Video shows chicken taking a ride on Toronto subway


This week, video of a chicken riding a TTC subway train surfaced on social media, to the delight and curiosity of Torontonians across the city.

In the video, first posted by TikTok user @TammyL25 on Monday, a chicken is clearly seen wandering the subway, which appears to be on Line 1 of the TTC. The bird is not leashed, nor does it appear to be travelling with anyone in particular.

It is not clear when the video was taken.

According to the transit agency, leashed dogs “or pets secured in an enclosed container” are welcome to travel on the TTC on weekends and off-peak periods (i.e. in the early morning, midday and late at night).

In an emailed statement to CP24, TTC representative Stuart Green said this incident “is a big cock-a-doodle-DON’T.”

“We’ve seen some interesting animals loose on the TTC… crabs, beavers, snakes, pigeons, but this may be a first,” he said. “By roaming free, this creature is clearly running a-fowl of our bylaw.” Top Stories


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