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Uber relaunches its cheapest ride-sharing service in Toronto. This is what it looks like

UberX Share is launching in Toronto on Feb. 08, 2023. (Uber Canada) UberX Share is launching in Toronto on Feb. 08, 2023. (Uber Canada)

After a three-year hiatus, Uber is relaunching its cheapest ride-sharing service in Toronto on Wednesday.

Formerly known as UberPool, riders who want to share their ride with a stranger and save some money can do so by choosing the UberX Share option in the app.

The first iteration of the service was paused in 2020 following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Uber Canada said it’s been working “tirelessly” to improve and revamp the experience.

Some of the highlights of the service include an up to 20 per cent discount upfront. Drivers are also paid an extra $1-incentive for picking up a second rider.

Uber bills the ride-sharing option as a sustainable choice and says on average, customers will only see six minutes added to their trip when matched with another rider.

Rides can only request the service within the city limits, but trip destinations can be outside of Toronto.

This map shows where UberX Share riders can request a ride in Toronto. (Uber Canada)

It should be noted that although you’re no longer required to wear a mask in an Uber vehicle, if a driver or co-rider asks you to wear one, the company asks that you “be considerate” and put one on.

Other cities taking part in the reintroduced service include Vancouver and Montreal.

To mark Wednesday’s launch, Uber Canada provided a number of tips for riders looking to try out the service during their next trip.

  • Don’t be “annoyed” if your co-rider -- who joined the trip after you -- gets dropped off first. “It's about an efficient route; trust the process,” Uber Canada said in a news release
  • In order to use the service, you have to request the ride as a solo traveller
  • Don’t ask your driver to change your destination mid-trip
  • Be friendly and open to conversation

Uber riders will see the UberX Share offering in the app later today. Top Stories


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