A mermaid school that teaches students how to swim like the legendary water creature is set to make waves in Toronto this summer, when classes will be offered at a Leslieville recreation centre.

Beginning on July 5, AquaMermaid will be offering classes to sea-nymph wannabes at the Jimmy Simpson Recreation Centre, located at 870 Queen St. East. The one-hour classes are open to students who are at least seven years of age, and are limited to 30 swimmers per class.

Students will be taught a combination of synchronized swimming and regular swimming techniques while donning a realistic mermaid tail made of stretch fabric, complete with a plastic monofin at the end of the spandex-like skirt.

According to the school's website, the classes are a fun alternative to going to the gym.

"AquaMermaid is an artistic expression and a fun way to keep fit," the school’s website explains. "It is a new discipline where you learn how to swim like a fish using both legs as a fish tail and using your core muscles to propel you forward."

Founded by Marielle Chartier-Henault, AquaMermaid opened its first school in Montreal earlier this year.

Chartier-Henault previously told CTV News Channel that the classes allow students, especially children, to fulfill their dreams of becoming a mermaid.

"I feel most little girls just dream about being a little mermaid," Chartier-Henault said in January.

Classes are taught by instructors who are trained as lifeguards, synchronized swimming teachers and aqua-fitness trainers.