Fans got the rematch outcome they were hoping for after Toronto FC won the MLS Cup against the Seattle Sounders at BMO Field on Saturday.

Spectators at the stadium, at viewing parties and at home had the chance to watch Jozy Altidore and Victor Vazquez score leading the team to a 2-0 victory.

This is the first-ever MLS Cup for the team.

IN PHOTOS: Toronto FC wins MLS Cup

Speaking to CP24 after the game, fans Adam and Sean said this championship was a long time coming as they sported their scarfs they received at the team’s home opener back in 2007.

“We’ve suffered through some pretty rough years and we finally got a championship for Toronto,” Adam said.

Sean said this is a big win for the whole country as his eyes teared up.

“We’ve got a championship coming to Toronto and it’s awesome,” he said. “This is the best thing ever. Congratulations we got a championship.”

“I’m so proud to be Canadian and in Toronto right now.”

Before the game started at 4:30 p.m. fans gathered throughout the city to prepare for what they called “a tale of redemption.”

A march from Liberty Village to the stadium got underway before kickoff.

One fan participating in the march told CP24 he drives in from Sault St. Marie for every Toronto FC game to show his support.

Sonny said he’s ready for the tale of redemption.

“Great athletes, great people they get nervous before every game because they care about what they’re doing and this team cares about the product they put on that field and they care about their fans – you know they care about their fans because they are there with us every single game interacting with us,” he said.

“I’m nervous but it’s a good energy, it’s a good nervous, it’s because we want good things for this city.”

The leaders of the march, 416 Beats, had their instruments and gloves ready to walk over to the stadium with pride.

“It’s fun because you see the mob of fans coming from Liberty Village walking over to BMO Field and the crowd is absolute hype – they’re hyping us, we’re hyping them,” leader of 416 Beats Nathan McLaren told CP24 in Liberty Village.

“The electricity is absolutely amazing over to BMO Field.”

Ahead of the game, Seattle fans gathered outside BMO Field ready to cheer on their team.

“We’re going to definitely win,” one Seattle fan said prior to entering the stadium. “We’re happy to be back for round two and we’re taking it home. We’re looking for a good game – a better game than last year – that doesn’t end in overtime.”

Last year, Seattle took the title from Toronto in the MLS Cup final at BMO Field on Dec. 10, 2016.

Toronto FC advanced to the MLS Cup final for the second straight year after winning 1-0 against the Columbus Crew on Nov. 29 in the second game of the East Conference final at BMO Field.

The Seattle Sounders advanced after a 2-0 victory against Houston Dynamo on Nov. 30 in Seattle.

A parade and fan rally will begin at Maple Leaf Square at 11:45 p.m. on Monday.