A Thornhill high school student with a horse managed to pull off an elaborate “promposal” on Monday afternoon.

Students of Westmount Collegiate Institute, located at Bathurst south of Highway 7, gathered in the parking lot to watch their friend Aaron Lugassy “prompose” to his girlfriend.

Lugassy told CTV News Toronto that he set out a goal to ask Noy Amsterdam to prom by riding a horse while holding a sign reading “Prom? Yay or neigh?”

“It was just a crazy idea,” Lugassy said. “It was a little joke that turned into a reality and now a horse is here.”

He was able to accomplish his goal with the help of his fellow classmates. Each member of their grade at school pitched in $2 to reach a final goal of $500, being able to afford the horse.

After raising enough funds, Lugassy and his friend drove out to find a horse and came across Tags from Silver Spur Ranch near Kleinburg.

“A friend and I just drove up north until we found some barns and then just started asking around, knocking door-to-door then got referred to another person and then eventually we met these lovely people and here’s the horse,” he said.

Lugassy said he thought of this idea despite the fact that he has never actually been on a horse before.

“This is my first time actually getting on a horse and it just feels like a big dog,” he said.

Spokesperson for Silver Spur Ranch Peter Norden told CTV News Toronto that he never considered Lugassy not being able to ride the horse.

“As long as the girl says yes, everything will be okay – if she says no, I guess he’s going to have to figure something else out,” Norden said.

After Lugassy rode on the horse through the parking lot and Amsterdam saw the spectacle, she did indeed say yes.

“Yes, I’m surprised,” Amsterdam said. “It was amazing – I’m shaking.”

One of Amsterdam’s friends told CTV News Toronto that the secret was hard to keep.

“I almost split it last night but today I kept it really well and she didn’t even know what was going on,” Tamar Gelb said.

Lugassy and Amsterdam will be going to prom together at the end of the month.