Toronto Mayor Rob Ford took to Twitter Tuesday to deny he gave the finger to a woman who told him to get off his cellphone while driving.

Ford tweeted that the accusation is not "accurate" and that the entire affair is due to a "misunderstanding."

The social media exchange began when a Toronto woman wrote about the alleged run-in with the mayor on her Facebook page.

Ottillie Mason wrote that the affair unfolded on Tuesday as she was driving along Dundas Street West in the city centre with her six-year-old daughter.

That's when she spotted Ford behind the wheel of his beige van chatting on his phone, according to her Facebook posting.

"We aptly give him a thumbs down and say, ‘get off your cell phone!'" she wrote, adding that she again asked the mayor to get off the phone.

"He keeps giving us the finger and I can see him mouthing swear words through the window," she wrote.

The posting quickly went viral in Toronto as users shared the post to their friends.

Though Mason describes herself as an actor, she states she is not seeking publicity.

After media outlets picked up the story, Ford used his Twitter page to fire back at the accusations.

But he didn't deny the incident during an interview with CTV Toronto's Naomi Parness.

Parness was interviewing Ford as the story broke Tuesday, and she attempted to ask the mayor directly.

Ford responded by laughing, and his press secretary Adrienne Batra promptly cut off the interview, telling Parness: "No. You're done, thank you."