Mayor Rob Ford voted against every one of Toronto's community grant programs at a council meeting on Tuesday, reprising his role of council contrarian.

Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti, chair of the community development and recreation committee, recommended that the city give dozens of community groups a total of about $7.2 million in funding.

The motions were set to go through without voting until Mayor Ford stood up and said he wanted to be recorded as opposing all of them.

Every single councillor voted against Ford for three of the motions.

The mayor was the only member of council to oppose the Access, Equity and Human Rights program which will provide $767,000 to 38 groups working on issues related to race, gender equity, literacy, disability, sexual orientation and Aboriginal affairs.

He also opposed the Community Recreation program, a grant that provides $594,000 to 80 groups for "activities that address gaps in available services provided by city recreation services," the Community Festivals and Special Events program which will provide $90,000 to 30 groups and the Community Safety program which will provide $666,000 to 22 groups working to prevent violence in priority neighbourhoods.

Ford was joined by Coun. Doug Ford in voting against the Community Service Partnership grant that gives $4.7 million to 78 groups that "advance council's strategic goals and priorities by working to improve social outcomes for vulnerable, marginalized and high-risk communities."

Coun. Frank Di Giorgio, Coun. Doug Ford and the mayor opposed $408,000 in grants from the Services Development Investment Program which helps 11 community organizations improve their capacity to respond to local needs.

Ford has voted against these community program grants every year as councillor.

All six motions carried.