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Small-town Ontario company takes a swing at redesigning the golf bag

The traditional golf bag hasn't changed very much over the years, but a company from Loretto, Ont. is trying to change that, taking a swing at a new design.

"This shape of the new bag is basically a rectangle so we started with that footprint and moved up from that,” Greg Collins, the founder and owner of Grit Inc, told CTV News Toronto.

The traditional golf bag has pockets around the bag which can prove a hassle once you strap it onto a cart as you try to get balls, gloves, tees and other gear needed for your game, Collins said. The newly designed Grit Golf Tower is more practical and organized, with all the storage in the front of the bag and a magnetic hinged pouch at the top of the bag, which can be lifted to let the cart strap pass underneath it, he explained.

The front door also has a three-level shelving unit to make things easier to find.

"When you zip open the front there are shelves in there for everything you need. There is a place for your cell phone, your golf balls, your tees. You don’t need to be constantly searching for things and there’s less of a chance you’ll find a chocolate bar from the year before,” Collins said.

The golf tower’s square base allows it to stand up on its own without stands and fit snugly on the back of a golf cart.

CTV first interviewed Collins in 2006 when his company redesigned the hockey bag.

The Grit Hockey Tower is a hockey bag on wheels with shelves that allow you to organize, store and dry your equipment in an upright position.

Collins said after the report was aired, interest in the bag took off and his company sold more than 500,000 hockey bags around the world over the past 17 years.

When the pandemic hit, Collins said his company experienced a huge slowdown – and that's when they decided to look into redesigning the golf bag.

The Grit Golf Tower has a list price of $379. It's not clear yet if it will have the success of the company's hockey bag, but Collins is hoping it will take a slice out of the traditional golf bag market.

The bag has been getting some good reviews from those in the golfing industry and it can be found for sale online or in select sporting goods stores.


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