Toronto police are one step closer to finding out who shot a TTC driver in the face.

Forensic science has linked a gun recovered by police late last year to the 2005 shooting of a TTC driver who was hit while trying to stop a fight on his bus in the Morningside Avenue and Sewells Road area.

He was shot three times but he was struck once. He suffered permanent damage to his eyesight and will never drive again.

The gun, a Browning 9 mm has been linked to several crimes, according to Det. Mike Barsky.

"We can let you know that through the Centre of Forensic Sciences we have linked this weapon to a number of criminal offences throughout the GTA," he told reporters at a news conference.

"We're not suggesting for a moment that all those investigations are linked to one person."

Barsky said he has had a number of people come forward since the shooting with information. He said police have a number of suspects.

However, he urged people to think again about where they were the night of the shooting, on Oct. 15, at around 11:20 p.m. and to come forward to police with tips for investigators.

"We are still looking for assistance from the community and it is vital if we are going to ultimately lay a charge in the investigation and be successful in the prosecution," he said.

Barsky said he hopes people who were involved in the fight on the bus will also come forward with information about who was responsible for pulling the trigger.

"We're hoping that perhaps people that either know what happened of know what was involved and maybe don't live in the area anymore feel a little safer," he said. "The hope is that the person responsible or those who witnessed or had knowledge of it will feel more confident in coming to us at this point."

He said it wouldn't be unusual for the handgun to be passed around through the years. He also wouldn't elaborate on other crimes allegedly used with the gun.

Barsky described the driver as a "stellar gentleman" who is in good spirits.

"It's vital we keep doing our job and keep him and his family up to speed on where we are at but he was thrilled in fact that this investigation is still ongoing," he said.