TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty is challenging Ontario's opposition parties to lay out their electricity platforms now that the Liberal government has released its 20-year energy plan.

The government says hydro rates will go up 3.5 per cent a year under its $87 billion long term energy plan, which includes $33 billion for nukes and billions more for green energy projects.

McGuinty says the Tories and New Democrats are quick to criticize but slow to say what they'd do differently.

He says it's time for them move away from their rhetoric so voters can compare their numbers to the Liberal's numbers.

McGuinty says anybody who believes in what he calls the opposition parties' magic -- that they can keep the lights on without raising hydro bills -- "should be giving their head a shake."

The opposition has never said electricity rates won't rise if they win next year's election, but they are reluctant to state their policy until much closer to next October's provincial election.