TORONTO - Critics say people in Ontario can't afford the Liberal government's focus on nuclear power and green energy projects.

Energy Minister Brad Duguid admits electricity bills will double over 20 years under an $87 billion-dollar plan to modernize the electricity system.

Jack Gibbons of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance says it's a mistake for the province to spend $33 billion dollars to build two new nuclear reactors and refurbish 10 older units.

Gibbons says doubling hydro bills "to pay for high cost, unreliable nuclear power simply does not make sense."

Greenpeace Canada and the NDP also warn nuclear projects always come in way over budget, noting we're still paying for the last ones with the Debt Retirement Charge on hydro bills.

The Tories say it's the Liberals' green energy policies that are driving up electricity rates.

And even the government admits renewable energy will be responsible for more than half the expected rate hike.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association says the long term energy plan sends a good signal to investors and will mean economic benefits for municipalities and landowners.