The Toronto library union says city hall is moving ahead with a series of library closures and service reductions despite a promise to maintain the status quo.

According to the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, City Manager Joe Pennachetti has endorsed a new consulting report calling for the closure of 15 library branches and massive cuts to service hours across the city.

The union says the move flies in the face of the "clear will of City Council and the Toronto Public Library Board," which have already rejected these options.

The recommendations stem from a report by consultants DPRA and LeisurePlan International Inc., which suggest shutting libraries for a combined 35,000 extra operational hours each year.

The report also recommends closing 15 branches, eliminating several educational programs and increasing late fees.

The Toronto Public Library Workers Union says it obtained a memo from Pennachetti urging the Chief Librarian to consider the proposal.

"The city's top bureaucrat is out of touch with the residents he is supposed to serve," said Maureen O'Reilly, president of the union.

"Missing in all of these reports and recommendations is the public who love their library and are quite prepared to pay for it."

The Toronto Public Library was asked to cut $17 million from next year's operating budget to reach a 10 per cent spending reduction implemented by Mayor Rob Ford.

In October, the library's board of governors elected to eliminate 100 jobs, a move that will save $10 million.

The board decided to defer making decisions on cutting service hours and Sunday service until next month.

A previous city audit recommending library closures to save money was scrapped after a public outcry.