Several hundred striking Toronto civic workers have crossed the picket lines and have returned to work as their unions continue to fight city hall by entering into a fourth week of job action.

City officials confirmed that more than 520 municipal workers have gone back on the job. They could not confirm whether the employees were part of the inside or outside workers union.

At some waste transfer sites, some picketers were dismissing the union's mandatory 15-minute wait time for people looking to drop off bags of trash, allowing people to come through the line much quicker.

CUPE members walking the picket lines say they hadn't heard the news about their colleagues but were quick to say that a majority of employees support the union's position.

"520 people out of 27,000 (striking workers) -- that's a very small number," he said.

The city is currently reviewing a counter-proposal put forth by the unions this weekend.

City Coun. Case Ootes said he believes the two sides are still far from coming to a resolution.

"I suspect (the strike) will go on a while longer but hopefully it won't," he told CTV Toronto on Sunday.

In the meantime, residents say they've had enough of the strike and the mess it's causing around the city.

Temporary dump sites that have been set up across the city are starting to reach capacity. City officials say they will likely announce several new dump sites in city parks and recreation areas by the end of the week.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Dana Levenson