Toronto firefighters helped deliver a baby in a Scarborough apartment building Tuesday morning.

The little girl and her mom, 19, are now safely at Scarborough Centenary Hospital and appear to be doing well, says Capt. David Eckermann.

Eckermann says firefighters responded to a call that came in at 7:13 a.m., from an apartment building at 1631 Victoria Park Ave.

They found a 19-year-old woman with contractions just five to 10 seconds apart, suggesting the baby was coming quickly.

There were no elevators and no room for stretchers, so they couldn’t get the mother out easily, Eckermann says.

Fire fighters were among five people who helped deliver the little girl at 7:34 a.m.

After she arrived, they used a collapsible chair to transport the mother down the stairs and to the hospital.

The crews who delivered the baby pooled their money and picked up some gifts, including diapers and clothing, which they dropped off at the hospital. The mother was sleeping when they arrived.