A Toronto children's author who went to City Hall to speak against potential library cuts Thursday night is claiming that the mayor insulted her.

Vikki VanSickle, author of "Words that Start with B," alleges that while she was being questioned Mayor Rob Ford said "I can think of another word for her" under his breath.

It is not clear to what or who the mayor was referring, but VanSickle told CTV News on Friday that she believes the remark was aimed at her.

"There was just something about the tone and the tone of the room and the tone of those comments that makes me think it was derogatory," she said. "And whenever you're thinking of a derogatory word for woman it tends to be bitch."

VanSickle spoke 19 hours into the marathon executive committee meeting about possible service cuts in the city.

More than 300 people had signed up to speak on a report that proposed the cuts and the meeting lasted until almost 9 a.m. Friday morning.

She said that even if the mayor wasn't addressing her, it was an inappropriate remark on his part.

"He may have been talking about someone else but either way I think there's a question about respect or disrespect," she said.

VanSickle tweeted the incident, calling him a bully and sparking a firestorm on Twitter.

The Mayor's office wouldn't comment on the accusation last night.

This incident comes just after another Toronto woman alleged that Ford flipped her the finger while he was talking on his cell and driving.

The mayor denied that claim but admitted he was talking on his phone.

With a report from CTV's Naomi Parness