A 21-year-old woman singled out by police as an alleged ringleader during a G20 summit vandalism spree will be in custody until at least next week.

Kelly Rose Pflug-Back made a brief court appearance before being remanded in custody until her next scheduled date of July 27

She surrendered to police in Peterborough on Wednesday. Her hometown is Norwood, about 30 kilometres east of Peterborough, but she lives in Guelph.

Earlier, Pflug-Back's fiance lambasted the police for demonizing her.

"For the police to go on the air and accuse her of all sorts of malicious things outside of a courtroom is interfering with her right to a fair trial," Julian Ichim told CTV Toronto on Thursday.

The Toronto Police Service's G20 investigative team issued a news release Wednesday saying Pflug-Back was wanted for six counts of mischief over $5,000.

The allegations involve the burning of at least five police cars and the smashing of business storefront windows.

Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux, who is leading the investigation, talked at length about Pflug-Back's alleged crimes.

He accused her of being an organizer who gave orders to others using so-called Black Bloc tactics to damage property as a political statement on June 26, the first day of the summit of world leaders.

The vandals formed a tiny minority of what had been a large, peaceful protest.

"They're trying to have trial by media …," Ichim said of the police.

Ichim said Pflug-Back had already been out on bail, having been charged with conspiracy to commit mischief. According to the Globe and Mail, she is to return to court on Aug. 23 to respond to that charge.

She also has a court date on Aug. 3 on charges from a pushing incident at the Dec. 28, 2009 Olympic torch run through Guelph that left a torchbearer on the ground.

Pflug-Back is an activist involved in anti-poverty and environmental causes. On her Facebook page, she "likes" the Sea Shepherd Society, a militant conservation group that uses direct action to try to block Japanese whaling ships from killing whales, as one example.

On the page, She listed her political views as syndicalist, which is a belief in organizing the economy around collectivized trade unions.

No allegations against Pflug-Back have been proven in a court of law.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Janice Golding