Six men and a male youth are facing mischief charges in connection with property damage inflicting during G20 Summit protests last month.

The six adults are between 19 and 29 years old. They, along with  a youth under 18 who cannot be named under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, are in police custody. Police said Monday that the arrests were made on Sunday and Monday.

Many were on the G20 investigative team's "most wanted" list. Seven of the 10 on the initial ist are now under arrest.

More people are likely to be added to the list in the coming days, said Meaghan Gray, aToronto Police Service spokesperson.

One suspect is facing an arson charge and failing to comply with probation in addition to a mischief charge. Another is facing a theft charge as well as a mischief charge.

Police have vowed to apprehend as many suspects they can connect to the violence that erupted during the G20 protests in Toronto on June 26 and 27.

Thousands of still images and hundreds of videos have been turned in to police who earlier requested the public's assistance in identifying people they believe perpetrated the violence.

"Many of the arrests that have been made are due in large part to the overwhelming support from the public and information that has come forward," Gray said.

A small group of protesters employed so-called Black Bloc tactics during the protest, which was overwhelmingly comprised of peaceful demonstrators expressing opposition to the G20 leaders' economic policies.

The vandals attacked property while trying to conceal their identities with black clothing. They smashed storefront glass and torched police cars.

Police allege that the violent protesters changed out of the black clothing after they finished damaging property in order to fit in with peaceful protesters and elude police capture.

Andrew Loughrin, 23, of Toronto, Michael Corbett, 29, of Toronto, Brian O'Handley, 19, of Toronto and Robert Kainola, 24, of Toronto are each facing mischief charges.

Kurt Roarco, 22, of no fixed address is facing a mischief charge, an arson charge and failing to comply with probation.

Jeffrey Delaney, 23, of Toronto is facing a mischief charge and an attempted theft charge.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Jim Junkin