TORONTO -- Over the past two weeks, the Life Unmasked team received numerous emails from people with questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine. How can we know what the long-term side effects of the vaccine will be? Why get it if I am young and healthy? Shouldn’t we try to boost our immune system instead?

In this week’s episode, two experts answer some of those questions.

The team is joined by Neuroscientist Samantha Yammine and Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch, who debunk some of the myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine and answer some of the questions sent by listeners.

Next week, on Sept. 22, proof of vaccination will be mandatory for Ontario residents to enter most non-essential businesses, including indoor restaurants, gyms, movie theatres and large sport or concert venues. The province said on Tuesday that they need 1.5 million people to get both doses of the vaccine in order to reach their target of 90 per cent coverage—a figure officials have said is necessary to curb the spread of the Delta variant.

At the same time, there is a significant group of people who are either hesitant towards getting the shot or who feel like mandatory vaccination programs impede on their human rights. Protests have recently been held across the country in front of hospitals, prompting criticism from health-care workers and politicians alike.

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