Having wax removed from your ears in a doctor’s office or an X-ray for sinus related problems will now cost you $50 or more in Ontario.

This comes after the Ontario Government and the Ontario Medical Association worked together to update OHIP's tests and procedures that it says can be replaced with more effective and modern approaches.

The physician-led Appropriateness Working Group recommended the changes, which the government says could save taxpayers $83 million annually. However, if you still want the service, you'll have to pay for it yourself.

This mean X-rays for sinus related problems, ear wax cleaning (unless medically necessary), larynx exams and certain house calls by physicians will no longer be covered under OHIP.

House calls will however be funded for "frail elderly" or "housebound" patients.

OHIP will continue to fund what it says are effective tests to diagnose infertility, but some methods used in the past will no longer be covered.

There will be a new referral system for patients with chronic hip and knee pain to minimize MRI scans and surgical consultations. Patients will also no longer need to visit their doctor for a letter to see a specialist they've already seen within a two-year period. 

Ontario's health care system deals with 300 thousand patients every day. The physician led group that recommended the changes says they will help streamline services and could lead to shorter wait times.