Local weekly Now magazine has been forced to change a story in which it predicted that popular local politician Adam Giambrone would become Toronto's mayor in the New Year.

While the young city councillor is considered a dark horse for the mayor's chair, the magazine's retraction had more to do with sexual politics than with the local variety.

In the article, which hit the streets on Thursday, Now wrote that Giambrone had a good shot at the mayor's chair because: "He's young. He's bright. He's gay. And he looks better than any of his challengers so far."

Later on Thursday, however, Giambrone set the record straight on his Facebook page: "Amused but not entirely surprised to learn in NOW Magazine that I'm supposedly gay."

Giambrone went on to write that he has "great relationship" with the gay community in Toronto, but: "so as not to mislead anyone, I should correct the record: I'm not, in fact, gay. Sarah, my partner, has taken the news in stride (and) with good humour ..."

After Giambrone made the comment, Now changed the story on its website to read that Giambrone is "gay-positive."