Borrowing a bike could get a little easier in the city starting tomorrow with the launch of the BIXI bike sharing system.

Users buy a subscription for $95 a year and then take a bike from a docking station and drop it off at another station when they are done.

You can also get 24-hour bike access for five dollars.

The program is similar to auto-share programs, where drivers can rent vehicles for a set period of time.

BIXI Toronto members will be able to access one of 1,000 bicycles at 80 stations across downtown.

Riders can use of the bikes for 30 minutes before paying additional fees.

The bikes can also be rented to non-members on a 72-hour or 24-hour basis.

The first stations will be concentrated in the downtown core located between Bloor Street, Spadina Avenue, Jarvis Street and the waterfront.

The program already has 1,000 members in Toronto, and has launched operations in various cities including Montreal, Washington and London, England.